September 27, 2024 6:30pm

Resetting the Anchor from Loss with Bodhicitta | Annie Bien

Resetting the Anchor from Loss with Bodhicitta | Annie Bien

Annie Bien



Friday, September 27  6:30 Р8pm | $35

Saturday, September 28 : 10:00-3pm | Regular: $100 Sponsorship: $220


We experience loss regularly, whether from the loss of someone very close, or the loss of¬†not having someone to lose. The idea for this workshop began with the loss of my¬†Buddhist teacher and brought back the memory of not having a teacher to lose when¬†searching for one. How do we cope with loss, and can it be considered a time to reassess¬†and review our own lives and purpose? How do we turn grief into developing¬†compassion by cultivating bodhicitta? ¬†What is bodhicitta, ‚Äúthe spirit of enlightenment,‚ÄĚ this ‚Äúmind of awakening‚ÄĚ? How does¬†bodhicitta become critical to move onwards? How do you take a fearless account of¬†yourself to become more resilient?¬†Bodhicitta is a supreme challenge for the mind, a gift of honesty for yourself and for¬†those you wish to benefit as you develop your understanding of compassion.


Day 1: Evening Introduction gathering experiences of grief and loss from audience. Introduce meditation practices: body scanning, calming the mind.

Day 2 Morning: Setting motivation for the day, beginning with body meditation. Morning: working in pairs or trios (if enough people), sharing experience of loss, difficulty, and sitting quietly. Introduction to bodhicitta practice. Discussion.

Day 2 Afternoon: Introducing the teaching of the Four Noble Truths, to deal with the world, and incorporating Bodhicitta practice. A brief discussion of the Two Truths and how that helps us live in the reality of the world and incorporating bodhicitta practice to live more compassionately. Dedication practice for a peaceful world.


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Annie Bien is an English¬†translator of Tibetan scriptures and a writer of fiction and poetry. She¬†began translating Buddhist texts for Khyongla Rato Rinpoche, of the Tibet Center,¬†then for¬†84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha,¬†and currently with¬†Khenpo Pema Wangdak of VikramaŇõila Foundation. She teaches meditation and Dharma at Shantideva Center (FPMT) in Brooklyn, NY.¬†She has written¬†two poetry collections, published flash fiction¬†in literary journals, won writing awards,¬†and co-written an upcoming historical novel on the Sixth Dalai Lama with Robert Thurman.¬†She is also a certified Qigong instructor with Shifu Yan Lei.¬†

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