In response to the public health risk posed by Covid-19, the Tibet House US public space complies with the following health protocols based on, but not limited to, federal, state, and local guidelines. Regulations to keep us all safe and healthy are fluid and will be updated in accordance with NYC Covid-19 tracking updates and management decisions. These plans are forward-thinking and flexible, incorporating all the knowledge and resources made available to us by the State of New York, the CDC, WHO, and the guidance of experts in the fields of medicine, operations, HVAC, and sanitation.

Tibet House US recommends that all visitors:

  • TRACK YOUR SYMPTOMS & EXPOSURE: Please stay home if you have a fever or do not feel well.
  • MASKS: All visitors are recommended to wear masks indoors when possible.
  • RESPECT SOCIAL DISTANCING: We recommend maintaining 6 feet between yourself and others whenever possible.
  • WASH your hands frequently with soap and water and use the hand sanitizer stations throughout our space.
  • RESPECT our policies to participate in keeping us all safe!

Tibet House US staff observes the following:

  • We have a fully vaccinated staff.
  • We are limiting the number of visitors in accordance with policy updates and changes.
  • We have increased cleaning protocols.
  • We stay home when we’re feeling unwell.
  • We wear masks and observe social distancing whenever possible.

[Status as of August 2022]

Our Reopening Plan prioritizes the safe return of our visitors and staff. Policy Measures will be adjusted on an ongoing basis as new health and safety information becomes available. Edited, and/or updated adjustments to the Plan will be posted as they happen.

For the staff, our Reopening Plan marks its commitment to providing a safe and secure space. First and foremost, our entire staff is fully vaccinated. For our on-site, essential, frontline staff, we have coordinated flexible workspaces and training in COVID-19 management, and customer service. Some staff will have the option to work remotely under revised remote work policies until further notice. Familiarity with our Code of Conduct and Exposure to Covid-19 Disclaimer is the responsibility of guests, registered program participants and staff. We expect the full cooperation of our entire community, staff and visitors included, as we work together to reduce the spread of Covid-19, keep everyone safe, and continue to provide access to our important resource. Thank you for your cooperation.

Exposure to Covid-19 Disclaimer

Covid-19 can exist in any public place where people are present. Tibet House has implemented health and safety procedures recommended by the State of New York, The City of New York, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as independent experts. However, THUS cannot guarantee that an individual will not be exposed to Covid-19 while at Tibet House. By visiting the THUS public space, you agree to adhere to its Code of Conduct and voluntarily assume all risks for yourself, understanding that although THUS is taking many precautions, you may be exposed to or infected by Covid-19 by entering our premises.

We will strive to offer comprehensive and consistent communication around our reopening policies, procedures, and safety measures. On-site, our staff will be equipped to clarify and answer questions around all policies and procedures and ample signage, space markers, and directional indicators will be present.

Hygiene, Cleaning, & Disinfection

Tibet House will strive to adhere to hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection requirements as advised by the CDC and DOH, including “Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfection of Public and Private Facilities for Covid-19,” and the “STOP THE SPREAD”, as applicable.

  • Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the facility. Signage has been placed near hand sanitizer stations and hand washing stations encouraging proper use.
  • Tibet House will keep equipment, including gallery floors, regularly cleaned and disinfected using recommended disinfectants.
  • Tibet House will have appropriate cleaning and disinfection supplies available for shared and frequently touched surfaces and encourage employees to use these supplies.
  • Tibet House will encourage rentals to provide their own equipment whenever possible.
  • Tibet House will ensure regular cleaning and disinfection of restrooms. Frequency of cleaning will be increased depending on frequency of use.
  • Tibet House will encourage employees and guests to disinfect shared workstations (e.g., check in desks) after use.
  • Tibet House will provide for the cleaning and disinfection of exposed areas in the event that a staff member or visitor is confirmed to test positive for Covid-19 as per CDC guidelines on “Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility” if someone is suspected or confirmed to have Covid-19.

Tracing & Tracking

In the case of a staff member or visitor testing positive for Covid-19, and to the extent possible that information is available, THUS will notify registered guests and employees who have been in contact with that person as soon as possible. THUS employees who are notified that they have come into close contact with a person with Covid-19 are required to self-report to management.