October 8, 2024 6:00pm

Original Love: From Mindfulness to Awakening with Henry Shukman

Original Love: From Mindfulness to Awakening with Henry Shukman

Henry Shukman



Tuesday, October 8

6-8pm ET

$25 | In Person


After three decades of practice and training in Zen, and in other meditation approaches, and over 12 years of teaching, Henry Shukman “received” a set of teachings that set him on the path of Original Love.

Right at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, while taking a break from teaching in a cabin in the mountains of northern New Mexico, Henry sat down for what he thought would be his first day of rest. Instead, what came over the next 12 days was a hastily scribbled “dictation” that filled several legal pads and proved to be the seeds of a revolutionary new framework – a way of presenting the path of meditation in 4 progressive “inns” or “zones” of practice. This grew into a new, recently published book, Original Love, and a meditation training program of the same name, as well as a newly launched, first-of-its kind meditation app, The Way. Together, they offer a new way of navigating the primary areas of healing and awakening that meditation has to offer, with love as the foundation underlying the entire path.

Henry will be presenting the essence and through line of his Original Love program, with teachings, meditations, some poetry and discussion. He will be signing copies of his new book at the end of the evening.


Henry Shukman is founder of the Original Love meditation program, spiritual director emeritus at Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe, NM, and the author of several award-winning books. Original Love: the Four Inns on the Path of Awakening (HarperOne/July 2024) is his newest book. Henry has taught at Google, Harvard Business School, the Institute of American Indian Arts and Oxford Brookes University.  His poetry has been featured in the New Yorker, Sunday Times, and Guardian, and his essays in the New York Times and Outside. He has an M.A. from Cambridge and an MLitt from St Andrews.  Henry is co-founder of The Way, a meditation app that offers a unique zero-choice path of deep meditation training. https://henryshukman.com https://www.instagram.com/henryshukman/ https://www.tiktok.com/@henry.shukman https://www.youtube.com/@ShukmanHenry https://www.linkedin.com/in/henry-shukman/

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