November 23, 2024 10:00am

Remembrance Ceremony – Honoring Grief and Loss with Kimberly Brown

Remembrance Ceremony – Honoring Grief and Loss with Kimberly Brown

Kimberly Brown



Saturday, November 23

10-1pm ET

$45 | Hybrid

At this special event, Kimberly Brown, meditation teacher and author of Navigating Grief and Loss: 25 Buddhist Practices to Keep Your Heart Open to Yourself and Others, will lead us in a special ceremony to remember those who have died, and their impact and effect on our lives.

Through contemplation, ritual, Buddhist prayers, and sharing of memories, we’ll allow ourselves to feel our grief and our love for the deceased. We’ll ask for their protection, wisdom, and blessings, and offer our merit and kindness for their well-being. We’ll honor our shared human experience of loss so we don’t feel so alone in our sadness and grief, and we’ll discover how the insight of impermanence can lead us to compassionately and lovingly meet ourselves and each other.

No belief in an afterlife or reincarnation is necessary to participate in this program. Participants are invited to create a shrine of appreciation. For those attending in-person, please bring photos of your deceased loved ones, and an offering of flowers or wrapped candy, fruit, or treats. For those attending online, you’re welcome to create an altar at home with photos of the deceased and treats.


“Navigating Grief and Loss”:



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In Person $45, Online $45

Remembrance Ceremony – Honoring Grief and Loss

Saturday, Nov 23, 2024 10:00 AM



Kimberly Brown is a meditation teacher, Buddhist student, and author. Her work emphasizes the power of love and compassion to transform and heal ourselves and the world. Her books “Steady, Calm, and Brave” and “Navigating Grief and Loss” are both published by Prometheus Books. She works with individuals and groups. You can learn more about Kimberly and her work at

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