October 15, 2024 6:30pm

Liar In The Sky | Poetry Series Curated By Arden Wohl

Liar In The Sky | Poetry Series Curated By Arden Wohl

Arden Wohl



Tuesday, October 15

Tuesday, October 22

Tuesday, October 29

6:30 pm

 Admission: Free or  Donation Tickets: $5 $10 $20 $50 | In-Person

Join us for the third incarnation of our captivating poetry series curated by Arden Wohl. Building on the success of our previous two series, this edition promises to be an extraordinary series of evenings inspired by the legendary Sixth Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso (1683-1706). We have embarked on an ongoing journey of poetic exploration fueled by the spirit of Tsangyang Gyatso.

The Sixth Dalai Lama was a fascinating figure who embraced life with unparalleled passion, devoting himself to his passions for archery, alcohol, and women, while eschewing the path of complete monastic vows. Renowned for his captivating verses and melodies, he left behind a remarkable legacy of love and erotic poetry that continues to resonate with audiences to this day. Despite his unconventional lifestyle, Tsangyang Gyatso was cherished by many, his words serving as a testament to the depth of human emotions and experiences.

Join us for four evenings of unforgettable performances and the shared joy of poetic expression guided by the discerning eye of Arden Wohl.

This event will be happening in person at Tibet House and  LiveStreamed on our Facebook Page

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Arden Wohl is a poet, artist, and designer working widely across disciplines and communities. Her work has been shared in Live Mag and in events at The Hole, No. 8, La MaMa, and Recess, among other places, and she has also organized events at 56 Henry. She holds a degree in Film & Television Studies from NYU Tisch and has shared short films in connection with The Art Production Fund. As a board member of GEMS, junior board member of Tibet House, and as an advocate for a range of causes, she helps to build bridges between artists, writers, and activists moving through a breadth of fields and practices. A proud lifelong New Yorker with Jewish heritage, Arden lives with her husband and son in the East Village of NYC.

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