Lasting Emotional Relief using the Stress Is Gone Method with Brett Cotter

April 9, 2024 6:00pm

Lasting Emotional Relief using the Stress Is Gone Method with Brett Cotter

Brett Cotter



Every Tuesday from April 9-April 30

6-8pm ET

Hybrid | Entire Course-$140, Drop-In- $40

Embark on a journey to release layers of emotional pain and rediscover self-love and happiness in a secure group setting led by Author/Founder, Brett Cotter. The Stress Is Gone Method, a transformative healing approach, encompasses group release sessions, personalized 1-on-1 laser coaching, user-friendly self-care tools, and, elements of music, movement, and meditation.

“I never expected in the first 5 minutes heā€™d be able to identify the source of my trauma, and give me the words to release it and move on.” – Deirdre Auchmoody, NY

What to Anticipate:

Brett uses intuitive questioning to uncover the underlying source of your stress, guiding the group through channeled affirmations to release emotional tension and old memories. These releases often address childhood traumas, alleviating everyday stress. Throughout, teachings emphasize the establishment of healthy boundaries, self-care practices, and fostering self-love.

“As a clinician, it was impressive feeling my own stress lift out of my body. Iā€™ve already encouraged family members to call for coaching!” – Gerri DeBenedetto, LCSW, NY

Participants Typically Encounter:

A departure of stress, anxiety, and tension from their bodies, leaving them feeling lighter, empowered, and confident in navigating life with increased clarity.


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Entire Course- $140 In Person, Entire Course- $140 Zoom, Drop-in class- $40 In person, Drop-in class-$40 Zoom

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Lasting Emotional Relief using the Stress is Gone Method with Brett Cotter

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Tuesday, Apr 9, 2024 06:00 PM

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Brett Cotter, Author & Stress Is Gone Founder, has over 20 years experience helping thousands of people recover from the most traumatic events of their lives. HeĀ is aĀ clairaudient empath that helps people unconditionally love subconscious fear to embody freedom.Ā Brett facilitates groups at the Omega Institute, Kripalu, the Tibet House, andĀ the Himalayan Institute.Ā HeĀ is MeditationĀ Magazineā€™sĀ Trauma Specialist,Ā trainsĀ crisis counselors in suicideĀ prevention,Ā is certified by AAETS, accredited by IMMA, and his core method is certified by AIS.

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