April 24, 2024 6:30pm

Dharma Friends: Compassionate Listening with Megan Mook, Kevin Townely and Special Guests

Dharma Friends: Compassionate Listening with Megan Mook, Kevin Townely and Special Guests

Megan Mook | Kevin Townley | Stephen Dydo



Wednesday, April 24

6:30-8:30pm ET

Suggested Donation: $10, $25, $45 | Hybrid

Dharma Friends: Creating Spiritual Community through Art, Music, Meditation, Dharma, and Embodiment Practices.

DHARMA FRIENDS is a monthly community gathering hosted by Megan Mook and Kevin Townely.  Each month features a specific Dharma theme, guided meditation, and rotating special guests. Past themes include the Five Wisdom Families as reflected in art and poetry, and Finding Hope and Optimism During Challenging Times. Join us as we gather together to practice, learn and celebrate embodied creativity.

April’s theme is COMPASSIONATE LISTENING. Despite living in an age of constant connectivity, our ability to relate to each other seems more fraught than ever before. Through the prism of the internet and social media, communication can easily become distorted, leaving us feeling as though we’re all living in separate, unbridgeable realities. Join us as we explore how Buddhist compassion practices can teach us to listen with open ears and open hearts. Extra special guest Stephen Dydo will play the qin, the classically revered instrument of Chinese scholars and meditators.


For participants ages 18-35, this event is donation-based via a sponsorship from Dharma Gates. Dharma Gates is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to opening pathways into formal meditation practice for young adults. To find out more, visit dharma-gates.org. If you would like to make a donation towards your ticket, you may do so here

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Dharma Friends: Compassionate Listening With Megan Mook, Kevin Townely And Special Guests

Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024 06:30 PM



Stephen Dydo is a composer whose works focusing on the search for a spiritual basis to modern life have been performed in the US, Europe, and Asia; he has taught music theory and performance at Columbia, William Paterson University, the New School, and Greenwich House. Stephen is also a founding board member for the Center for Compassion and Creativity. Currently active in the music scenes of New York and Western Massachusetts, he is also on the boards of the CCC, the Association for the Promotion of New Music, and DNKL Tibetan Buddhist Center for Universal Peace, Redding CT. www.StephenDydo.com
Megan Mook holds a Master’s in Buddhist Studies and is a long-term student of both Tibetan Buddhism and yoga. Megan has lived and studied in traditional monastic environments all over the world, thoroughly immersing herself in the practice of Buddhism, yoga, and natural healing. A member of the Tibetan Translators Guild of New York, Megan has worked on Tibetan scriptural translations with Dr. Robert Thurman and Dr. Lozang Jamspal, an 87 year old Tibetan Lama with whom Megan studied and traveled for several years. The heart of Megan’s teaching is tender-hearted clarity, accessed through compassion and embodied awareness. Megan regularly offers Buddhist philosophy classes and meditation retreats, and leads international Buddhist pilgrimages for Tricycle Buddhist Review. MeganMook.com
Kevin Townley is a writer, performer, and meditation instructor. His first book, Look, Look, Look, Look, Look Again: Buddhist Wisdom Reflected in 26 Artists, delves into the Five Wisdom Families of Tantric Buddhism through the lens of secular women artists. Kevin’s primary teacher is Kyoun Sokuzan, a Zen priest, who was first authorized to teach by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1978. Kevin teaches regularly in Susan Piver’s Open Heart Project sangha, and has also studied at the Interdependence Project where he completed their teacher training in 2012. In 2022, Kevin guest-curated the Rubin Museum’s Brainwave Series. Kevin is passionate about exploring the interplay between meditation and art, always encouraging others to bring their own innate humor and insight to their meditation practice. KevinTownley.nyc

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