Tenzin Norbu

Tenzin Norbu

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Tenzin Norbu was a member of Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA). Currently based in New York City as a music teacher at Danang Foundation located in Jackson Heights, Queens. He joined TIPA in 2004 and majored in Tibetan music instruments such as Dramyen, Flute, Yangchen and specialized in Piwang and Erhu. Along the way, he plays western instruments like guitar, bass, piano, drum and Cello. He believes that Tibetan culture can improve and progress in terms of songs, music, and dance. It all depends on every individual’s participation in their certain artistic interests. He also believes in the importance of continuing to move and progress with the modern music world while also promoting the traditional arts around the world. Mr. Norbu is eager to engage with young Tibetan children; his contribution is impactful and significant. His dance and music classes serve as a medium to engage the second-generation Himalayan-American children in promoting their own traditional culture.

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