Jamie Bonelli

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Jamie was born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC and has been practicing yoga in the city for over 20 years.
Jamie views the physical asana practice of yoga as a place to expand the limitations of the human mind. Both in finding joy in breaking perceived physical boundaries and also by being loving, gentle and accepting of oneself when coming up against challenge.
Jamie has practiced the entire old ashtanga yoga asana syllabus and up through the 4th series in the more current structure.
In the past few years she has become increasingly interested and practiced mantra meditation and chanting from the Vedic tradition. Jamie has guided Yoga Nidra meditation for over 10 years.
She graduated with honors from Fordham University studying both media and comparative religion.
She still lingers with the question that led her college studies of how war can be fought over religious reasons and how can it be prevented. Jamie still resides in NYC with her two vivacious daughters.

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