Venerable Gendun

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Ven. Gendun has practiced Buddhism for nearly four decades and has been a Bhikshu (Buddhist monk) in the Tibetan tradition for the past 18 years. Until his ordination he worked in diverse areas such as palliative care, tech, refugee organizations, and commercial management. He studied Buddhist philosophy and practice for 10 years in monasteries in France, India, Nepal and Myanmar, before spending over four years in retreat, training in Tibetan sutra and tantra, as well as in the Burmese Theravada Forest Tradition. For the past 15 years, Ven. Gendun has been teaching Buddhist philosophy, psychology, and meditation across the world. He is a member of Mind & Life Europe, a multidisciplinary laboratory of researchers and contemplative practitioners for investigating the nature of experience. He is the interreligious canon of the Peace Cathedral in Tbilisi Georgia and is at home in a Mevlavi Sufi Dergah in Istabul. In 2023 Ven. Gendun founded The Buddha Project for the long-term guidance of Buddhist meditators, scientific research, art projects and intercontemplative social engagement.

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