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Sara Auster

Sara Auster is a world-renowned sound therapist, meditation teacher and author. Sara’s transformative experiences and original teaching method have made her a leader in the health and wellness space, bringing deep listening and sound meditation to the mainstream.


Currently, Sara is centering her work on collaborations that bridge the gap between the worlds of Western medicine and holistic healing. She recently developed a mindfulness and sound therapy curriculum for the World Health Organization’s very first Public Health Leadership Course. She has also created FDA-approved sound baths and meditations that will be offered as a complementary treatment option for people living with migraines. At every opportunity, she continues to invite skeptics into the world of sound, and industries that have been historically dismissive of holistic practices are turning to her for guidance and leadership in the field.


Sara’s vision is to continue holding space for people from all walks of life to slow down, connect to their senses, and become the architects of their own healing.

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