Michele Loew

Michele Loew is an international yoga teacher and practitioner of Hatha and Vajrayana Yogas. Since 1999 she has built community spaces dedicated to the practice of yoga and spirituality. She is the founder of The Yoga Space in Portland, Oregon, and well as the Vajra Yoga School of Comparative Buddhist & Indic Yoga studies she teaches alongside Robert A.F. Thurman for Tibet House US. In 2019 she began Clearlight Yoga, her school focusing on Yoga Nidra and the Sleep and Dream Yoga practices of the Himalayan masters. She is known as a teacher’s teacher, and her yoga schools have been respected by students worldwide for teaching lineage based yoga focusing on the deeper philosophical & esoteric aspects of the practice, while bringing in cutting edge modern science & kinesiology into the practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation. She serves on the board of directors of Tibet House US, She leads retreats and workshops internationally with an altruistic intention to serve and inspire all to discover their enlightened nature. Follow her on FB and Instagram: @micheleloew www.micheleloew.com www.theyogaspace.com

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