Maureen Seaberg

Maureen Seaberg is an author, speaker and sensory research subject with lab-proven super color vision or tetrachromacy, as well as synesthesia.
She has written for the New York Times, National Geographic, Psychology Today, Vogue and many other outlets.
Her latest book, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: The Astonishing New Science of the Senses (St. Martin’s Press),  is about the new, much higher human sensory potentials recently proven by science — though known about among adept meditators for centuries. It has been chosen as a “must-read” by Malcolm Gladwell’s Next Big Idea Club and has been positively reviewed by Kirkus Reviews.
Ms. Seaberg was present at the opening ceremony at Tibet House as a young reporter and is very grateful for the opportunity to share her work.

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