Matthew R DeSantis

Matt is one of Bhutan’s longest-residing non-natives whose personal relationship with the Himalayan country dates back to his childhood. He is the founder of MyBhutan, Bhutan’s boutique luxury travel designer and outfitter, and Beyul Labs, a technology that provides digital products including Bhutan’s first online payments platform. Various nonprofit projects focusing on Bhutan’s arts, spirituality, education, ecology, and sports are founded, funded and developed by him, including a momentous initiative for the Central Monastic Body to document, digitize and archive Bhutan’s national relics and artwork. Unrelated to his work, Matt serves as the U.S. State Department Warden of Bhutan. In 2019, he and his expedition team received The Explorers Club Citation of Merit in recognition of their paleontology discoveries in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

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