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Joshua Reichmann

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Joshua Reichmann is a highly accomplished and versatile multidisciplinary artist. He is celebrated globally as a musician and performer with an impressive discography. In his career as a feature film director and writer, he creates compelling narratives that explore the realms of the absurd, phantasmagorical, and numinous. As an author, his investigations are exemplified in his upcoming dharma-centric book, “The Realized Light of The 12 Dimensions” (2024), to be published by Inner Traditions/Sacred Planet, introducing visionary metaphysics, Gnostic and Dharma teachings. Additionally, Joshua’s path as an ordained Nyagkpa (Yogi) and esteemed contemplative helper enables him to provide transformative experiences that facilitate growth and evolution for his clients and the Sangha. Above all, he holds the role of a devoted father closest to his heart.

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