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    Jaya Deva is a mantra singer from Barcelona, Spain who’s chanting of mantras has touched many across the globe.         The son of a Buddhist monk, Jaya Deva delved into the world of mantras at a young age, later to organize trips to India. Destinations included Buddhist settlements in Dharmasala and Kushalnagar. The trips would include meditating in Gompas and having group meetings with various Lamas including H.H. the Karmapa. Nechung the Oracle of Tibet, Khamtrul Rinpoche, Lama Jetsung Dhampa and Ven. Tenzin Palmo for blessings.         Jaya Deva spent a few years chanting Tibetan mantras at the House of Tibet and Drukpa Center in Barcelona and at Denchen Khang. He organized the 3-hour chanting of Om Mani Padme Hum and chant celebrations for WESAK and other sacred days.         During the pandemic Jaya Deva took advantage of online platforms to bring people together by holding daily kirtans, discussions and meditations. Tibetan mantras were chanted with the online Sangha every weekend where he also discussed different aspects of dharma.         Jaya Deva was the organizer of different worldwide events, 3 of which were fundraisers for help during the pandemic. Additionally, another was to help different settlements in Tibet where 6000 Euros was raised for the Tibet Relief Foundation. Among the participants were such notables as Ven, Lama Wanchen La, Robert A.F. Thurman, Krishna Das, Lama Surya Das, Tulku Sherdor, Tenzin Lekshey, Dean & Dudley Evenson, Lopon Chandra Easton, Chandra Lacome, Nina Rao, Lee Mirabai Harrington and Manose.         Jaya Deva continues to compose as it fills him with joy to be able to sing these sacred mantras, as it does those who hear them!  

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