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The four applications of mindfulness (Pali: satipaṭṭhāna) are powerful techniques originally taught by the Buddha and aimed at liberating our mind from inner entanglements. Combining both concentration and insight, these practices help us establish profound levels of both attentional and cognitive intelligence, all through challenging assumptions about the true nature of our body, feelings, mind, and all phenomena.

There are dozens of specific styles of satipaṭṭhāna practice across multiple traditions, all co-existing in the spirit of complementarity. In this course taught by Tibetan Buddhist translator Michael Lobsang Tenpa we will explore the basic terms used in these meditations, explore the benefits they might bring to us personally, and learn a few foundational techniques from the Indo-Tibetan tradition, which, when applied deeply, can take us to profound liberating insights about the nature of our experience.

While no course can encompass the full depth and breadth of these methods, this 6-week exploration will help the participants to establish a stable basis of practice that can then be further deepened through gradual personal exploration.


Topic: Calm and Clear: Four Applications of Mindfulness in the Indo-Tibetan Tradition
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Hosted By: Maggie Mohler
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