December 4, 2023 6:00pm

Waking Up Through Dreaming with Machiel Klerk

Machiel Klerk



Monday, December 4

6-8pm ET

$25 | In Person


Dreamworker Machiel Klerk returns to The Tibet House on Monday, December 4 at 6 p.m. He will explore with you the world of dreams and how this exploration can help you be more aware and fulfilled both in your dreams and in your daily life.

He will help you see that dreams are a reality on their own. On the one hand, we can get messages and guidance in dreams, on the other hand, we can also explore how the dream reality is constructed and what role we play in that. This will provide a fascinating insight into the way we co-created our daily experience. By understanding this better we can wake up and become aware of our own nature, and be more happy and fulfilled as a result.

During this event, Machiel will address how:

– Dreams can support us on our path to enlightenment

– Dreams can help us with personal and professional development

– Dreams can help us understand how we co-create reality and how to co-create a more fun reality

Machiel will be at Menla December 7-10, 2023 leading a weekend retreat on Journeying Through Dream Realms: Awakening The Healing Potential Within 


Machiel Klerk


Machiel Klerk is a psychotherapist, business consultant and social entrepreneur. He is an expert and international speaker on dreams. He has travelled the world, studying various cultures, their healing traditions and dream practices. Machiel’s new book DREAM GUIDANCE Connecting To the Soul Through Dream Incubation, was recently released. He explains dream incubation, an ancient practice that has been used by cultures throughout history and provides practical and valuable information on how dreams can help us in all areas of our daily lives. He is also the founder of the online organization Jung Platform. For further information you can go to: and  

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