June 13, 2024 9:00am



Robert A.F. Thurman | Pilar Jennings | Chandra Easton | Michael Lobsang Tenpa


June 13-June 17

9:00am EDT

Online | Free

Learn the keys to a joyful and loving life that brings more peace to the world

Our fundamental humanity is one of warmth and happiness—a truth the Dalai Lama has exemplified for decades. The 2024 Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit invites you to explore practical ways to reconnect with our innate humanity, experience true joy, and contribute to a more peaceful world.

We are delighted to invite you to the 4th Annual Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit. This one-of-a-kind global online event has impacted the lives of many thousands around the world, inspiring participants with the Dalai Lama’s profound messages and guiding them toward a life filled with happiness, compassion, and peace.

Drawing on the Dalai Lama’s universal and timeless wisdom, 16 esteemed presenters—including expert meditation teachers, psychologists, physicians, scholars, and thought leaders—will provide you with practical tools and teachings for leading a more joyful and loving life, and shaping a better future.

Join us from the comfort of your home for this extraordinary summit, and connect with a worldwide community united in their aspiration to live more meaningful lives inspired by one of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders.

This transformative experience is completely free from June 13-17. Join us to reconnect with our shared human inheritance—our natural wisdom and boundless compassion.




Pilar Jennings, PhD, is a psychoanalyst focused on the clinical applications of Buddhist meditation who has been working with patients and their families through the Harlem Family Institute since 2004. She was awarded her PhD in Psychiatry and Religion from Union Theological Seminary, a Masters in medical anthropology from Columbia University, and a Bachelors in interdisciplinary writing from Barnard College of Columbia University. Dr. Jennings is the author of Mixing Minds: The Power of Relationship in Psychoanalysis and Buddhism and To Heal a Wounded Heart: The Transformative Power of Buddhism and Psychotherapy in Action. Currently, she is a researcher at the Columbia University Center for Study of Science and Religion and Co-chair of the Columbia Faculty Seminar on the Memory and Savery, where she explores the intergenerational transmission of trauma.
Robert Thurman is the President and Founder of Tibet House US. Known in the academic circles as Professor Robert A.F. Thurman, he is a talented popularizer of the Buddha’s teachings and the first Westerner Tibetan Buddhist monk ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. A charismatic speaker and author of many books on Tibet, Buddhism, art, politics and culture, Bob was named by The New York Times the leading American expert on Tibetan Buddhism, and was awarded the prestigious Padma Shri Award in 2020, for his help in recovering India’s ancient Buddhist heritage. Time Magazine chose him as one of the 25 most influential Americans in 1997, describing him as a “larger than life scholar-activist destined to convey the Dharma, the precious teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, from Asia to America.”
Michael Lobsang Tenpa (he/they) is a Tibetan Buddhist translator, meditation instructor, Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) teacher and student of EcoDharma. Born in Siberia, he earned BA and MA degrees in South Asian studies, worked in social media and eventually received ordination in Nepal, spending nine years as a Tibetan Buddhist monastic before switching to the path of a lay teacher/practitioner. In addition to years of Buddhist studies and translator work, he also trained as a secular ethics and mindfulness instructor in the Netherlands, the UK and the US. To learn more, visit https://lobsangtenpa.com. “My passion in this work is helping people find a deep yet accessible level of contemplative practice that comes out of the profound Buddhist methods & helps them establish a meaningful and deeply satisfying lifestyle imbued with a sense of compassionate responsibility.”
Chandra Easton is a Dharma teacher, author, and translator of Tibetan Buddhist texts. She has taught Buddhism and Hatha Yoga since 2001. She studied Buddhism and Tibetan language in Dharamsala, India, and at UCSB’s religious studies department. During her studies, she co-translated Sublime Dharma: A Compilation of Two Texts on the Great Perfection (Vimala Publishing, 2012) with B. Alan Wallace. In 2015, she was given the title of Vajra Teacher, Dorje Lopön (Varjāchārya), for Tara Mandala Retreat Center by Lama Tsultrim Allione and H.E. Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche. Seeking to bring forth the voice of the empowered feminine in Buddhism, Chandra regularly leads retreats and classes for various organizations, develops programs and curricula for Tara Mandala, and teaches Dharma nationally and internationally. She co-founded the 21 Taras Collective with Nina Rao and Genevieve Walker, to record music for the twenty-one Taras mantras found in her new book, Embodying Tara: Twenty-One Manifestations to Awaken Your Innate Wisdom (Shambhala Publishing, 2023)

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