December 5, 2023 6:00pm

The Art of Tantric Breath Practices: Gateways to Inner Stillness and Joy with Mary Reilly Nichols

Mary Reilly Nichols



Tuesday, December 5, 12, 19

6-8pm ET

$25 | In Person


Of all the contributions of the Indic contemplative tradition, its precise and pragmatic teachings on breath awareness may be the most potent. In these three sessions, we survey classic texts of Tantric Shaivism  to reveal their enlightening insights on the use of simple breath technique for reaching higher states of consciousness. 


Session One: Ordinary and Miraculous: Prana, Breath and the Mind

The Tantras tell us that a key to fulfillment, ease and equanimity in life is under our nose. In session one we will discard imaginary obstructions to “doing it right” and dive in to calming and joy-producing basic breathing practices for an immediate taste of natural bliss. With a grounding in the underlying physiologic mechanisms, we will sample a variety of breath modifications and learn to recognize and extend their physical, psychological and spiritual benefits.


Session Two: Spaciousness and Fullness:  From Breath to Source

In Tantric Shaivism the richness of void or emptiness is extolled and personified as the deity “Bhairava,” who holds a dialogue with his Shakti counterpart.  In session two we will try out a selection of  the breath-based  112  “dharanas” – thought experiments  – from the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra – as well as investigate and apply some helpful insights from The Shiva Sutras and Pratyabhijñā háč›dayam for a revitalizing direct encounter with the formless Absolute. 


Session Three: Weaving the Fabric of Non-Dual Awareness. 

In session three we will implement the Ham Sah mantra using the profound teachings of the Kulāráč‡ava Tantra.


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Pricing Options

December 5 Session $25, December 12 Session $25, December 19 Session $25, All Three Sessions $75


Mary Reilly Nichols, Director of Nalanda Institute’s Yoga, Mind & Spirit, has been teaching meditation and yoga philosophy for over 3 decades. She spent ten years teaching a breath based therapy in the treatment of stuttering and now teaches breathing, mindful practices and stress management in corporate and medical settings. Mary holds a BA in anthropology from Harvard University, and completed five years of residency in the meditation ashrams of Swami Muktananda both in India and in the US.

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