October 8, 2023 10:00am

Take Desire as Your Path with Vishvamata Jenang: Embracing the Divine Feminine aspect of Kalachakra

Shar Khentrul Rinpoche Jamphel Lodrö


Sunday, October 8

10-4pm ET

10:00 AM – Session 1: Vishvamata Jenang
1:00 PM – Session 2: Vishvamata Jenang
3:00 PM – Session 3: Vishvamata Jenang

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In conjunction with the release of Shar Khentrul Rinpoche’s new book, the Tantric Path of Desire, Dzokden and Tibet House US, present a day of intermediate level Buddhist teachings on how to take desire as the path in relation to the Kalachakra Tantra. Tantra is a rich practice that is particularly suited to our time where people are heavily engaged in desires and distraction. In Tibetan Buddhism the tantric path of Vajrayana, engages directly with our desires and emotions in all aspects of our waking and sleeping daily lives as a potent force and technology for personal transformation and rapid awakening.

Part of this path of transformation to enlightenment requires the harmonization and unification of female and male energies within ourselves. The Yab-Yum deity of the Kalachakra mandala is often referred to as Kalachakra but is actually the inseparable union of the ultimate masculine Kalachakra, in union with the ultimate feminine, Vishvamata. Their combined qualities represent the ultimate love, wisdom and compassion fused into immutable bliss and empty form. While tantra does include teachings involving sexuality as a skillful means for transformation, there are more ways in which we can embrace the true energies of the female and male aspect within ourselves to transform our world. Khentrul Rinpoche will give teachings to clarify what these aspects are and various ways to work with them.

Khentrul Rinpoche has agreed to bestow the Vishvamata Jenang empowerment to his students for the first time at the request of Robert Thurman.

While Khentrul Rinpoche welcomes everyone to join who wishes to practice Kalachakra, this teachings is best suited to students who have some basic understanding of the Vajrayana buddhist path, experience with Guru and Deity yoga as well as a flexible mind.


Emerging into the modern world at the turn of the century, Khentrul RinpochĂ© is living proof that the Buddha’s teachings are alive and well in the snowy land of Tibet. Born during a time of great turmoil, RinpochĂ© was raised as a simple nomad, tending to his herd of yaks. Despite the many miraculous signs received by his parents, acting under advisement, the truth of just how special RinpochĂ© was remained hidden from the public for many years. It wasn’t until RinpochĂ© grew into a young adult that he made the decision to renounce all worldly activities in order to focus his energy on the Dharma. Open-minded and inquisitive, Khentrul RinpochĂ© has spent over thirty years studying with a wide array of masters from all the major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Through his non-sectarian approach he has gathered a wealth of wisdom and experience spanning the full range of the Buddha’s teachings. While having developed a deep respect for all authentic spiritual traditions, for his personal path, he chose to specialise in the Kalachakra System. Recognising that outside of Tibet, very little is known about Kalachakra, RinpochĂ© has made it his life-long goal to cultivate awareness of these profound teachings and to offer guidance to all those wishing to put them into practice. To this end, RinpochĂ© has authored a variety of books which detail the complete Kalachakra Path. Providing in-depth commentaries, these books guide the student in a gradual manner using a clear and practical structure. Based in Melbourne, Australia, RinpochĂ© dedicates his time to teaching students from around the globe. In the last five years he has completed three world tours, taking him to more than twenty countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. As a result of his extraordinary efforts, the number of Kalachakra practitioners are steadily increasing, with new practice communities being established in a growing number of cities.

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