June 9, 2023 7:00pm

Spirituality Week- Nākaloka


Friday, June 9

7-10:30pm ET

$82 | In Person


Nākaloka; The Inner Dwelling of Heaven – a full cycle experience of the senses weaving flute, mantra, and sacred dance with community. This journey invites participants to disrupt the veil between human and divine embodiment through intentional and symbolic steps held in a potent sacred space.

Observing noble silence, participants are invited into a 2 hour experience in a temple-like, candlelit space intentionally created with cleansing sounds, sacred smoke, and a sharing that will ground the meditator utilizing poetry and transcriptions from the Vignana Bhairava Tantra.



1. Channeling and Meditation

We embark on the journey offering poetic guidance weaved with the healing sounds of world woodwinds from the traditional Native American Flutes and the Armenian Duduk. Dropping in even deeper, Vedic Mantra are offered and sung with the tanpuri and sound bowls.

2. Ecstasis

A slow activation of breath and movement will gradually build into a wild invitation of expression through shaking and ecstatic dance to a curated set, unblocking energetic centers and allowing for high states of ecstasis.

3. Apogee

The experience continues with the weaving of etheric flutes, Shruti box, and voice as we bring participants back into their hearts, unblocked, and cracked open, grounded and at rest in the inner abode of peace.

4. Integration

A closing circle is held with the community, holding space for emotions, shares, and intimate integration. An added element of grounding foods is often a component of this phase


How to prepare:

This is a substance-free experience.

Meditators are invited to abstain from heavy meals or any forms of intoxicants (including tobacco and caffeine) for at least 3h before the event.

Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing. Light or white colors. This allows for cohesion in the group and freedom in the body.

Bring a shawl (or small blanket), an additional meditation cushion and a reusable water bottler at your own discretion.


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