June 1, 2023 6:00pm

Prepare for Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying | Three Week Course with Dr. Shaun Nanavati

Shaun Nanavati



Thursday May 18, 25 & June 1


$25 per class, $75 totalĀ | In-person

*Early Bird 10% off Discount Applied When Signing Up For All Three Sessions From Now until May May 1*

Join us on a journey into the unconscious.Ā 

Session 1: The first session will discuss sleep’s importance and neuroscience. You’ll learn specific techniques to improve your sleep and small hacks to help you remember your dreams. Specific meditations will be provided to naturally downshift when you may be feeling a little keyed up.Ā  Ā 

Session 2:Ā Ā In the second session, we will explore dreaming. According to Sigmund Freud, “Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.” Bring one of your dreams for analysis and learn the psychoanalytic approach to dream interpretation. This session will also explore more advanced lucid dreaming techniques.Ā Ā 

Session 3:Ā The last module explores specific Tibetan Book of the Dead meditations. These visualizations explore the state of the bardo. In this “in-between” place, this tradition believes souls reside after death but before the birth into a new body, a place of steam, fireflies, open space, and deep reflection.Ā 

This unique blend of Eastern and Western psychotherapy is presented by Dr. Shaun S. Nanavati, Founder of Mindwell Labs and co-creator of the AQ app on the Apple App Store. Shaunā€™s work on anxiety has recently been featured in Rolling Stone magazine, Good Hiuaekeeping, and the NY Post.

*Spaces are limited.*


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All 3 Sessions $75 (Sale 67.50), Session 1 $25, Session 2 $25, Session 3 $25


Shaun Nanavati is a neuroscience researcher, professor and clinician with a lifelong interest in Eastern philosophy, and Co-Founder of the Thurman Institute. He is on the faculty at the Nalanda Institute, Menla Retreat & Spa, and visiting teacher of Cognitive Science at CUNY. His research interest is in authentic Mindfulness and its impact on the autonomic nervous system, with special emphasis on the parasympathetic nervous system. Shaun has graduate degrees in both the Eastern and Western inner sciences: an MA in Comparative World Religion, Columbia University, and an MA, Research Masterā€™s, New School for Social Research. He has published papers and given presentations on visual perception, neuroscience of yoga, and Mindfulness meditation.   https://www.chronogram.com/wellness/mindfulness-theres-an-app-for-that-9892745?media=AMP+HTML  

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