July 19, 2024 6:00pm

Preciousness of Human Rebirth with H. E. Khangser Rinpoche

Preciousness of Human Rebirth with H. E. Khangser Rinpoche

H.E Khangser Rinpoche




Friday, July 19th 

6:00-8:00pm ET


Join us for an evening discussion on the Preciousness of Human Rebirth with H.E Khangser Rinpoche. Rinpoche will examine and unpack this important Buddhist concept as it applies to our attitudes, actions and results in life as well as along the path. This is a wonderful opportunity to study with the highly venerated Eighth¬†Khangser Rinpoche, Tenzin Tsultrim Palden. Born in Kathmandu, Nepal in May 1975, He was recognized at the age of 5 as the reincarnation of the Seventh Khangser Rinpoche, who was one of the three high lamas responsible for searching for the fourteenth reincarnation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Rinpoche started basic study of Buddhist philosophy in the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics, Dharamsala and completed advanced Buddhist studies on sutra and tantra in Sera Jey Monastery, Karnataka, and Gyuto Tantric Monastic University in India, where he obtained Geshe Lharampa and a Doctorate Degree in tantra both with highest honors among the top division. He has directly received a wealth of teachings on both Tantra and Sutra from many great Tibetan yogis and from spiritual teachers from the four major Tibetan Buddhist sects. Khangser Rinpoche has been appointed as the Lama Umze Vice Abbot of Gyuto Tantric Monastery. Rinpoche came in line to become “Gaden Tripa”, the supreme head of the Gelug lineage (Yellow Hat school), which is the largest school in Tibetan Buddhism System.

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It is known that the 7th reincarnation of Khangser Rinpoche was one of the three highly respected lamas who were responsible for locating the 14th reincarnation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Khangser Rinpoche presently serves as a spiritual teacher of Thangkar Dechen Choling Monastery and Dipankara Organization. Rinpoche previously served as a spiritual teacher at Sera Jey Monastic University, one of the three great Monastic Universities affiliated with the Gelugpa tradition which follows the rich culture and knowledge of the ancient Nalanda University, established in Tibet in 15th century. He teaches Buddhist philosophy to several hundred fully ordained monks and novices of the monastic university. He also teaches Buddhism according to Nyingma and Kagyu traditions at several Nyingma and Kagyu monasteries in Dharamsala, India and Nepal. In addition, Khangser Rinpoche delivers public teachings on Tibetan Buddhism to diverse audiences from India, Nepal, Vietnam, China, Korea, Tibet and the West. His audiences congregate at various universities, public agencies, Buddhist centers, and Tibetan Settlements in India and Nepal. The highly venerated Khangser Rinpoche is the eighth incarnated lama, born in a Himalayan family. His ancestors followed the Nyingma tradition for centuries. Since Rinpoche’s line of reincarnations is affiliated with the Gelug tradition, he possesses both precious heritages. Although Khangser Rinpoche is young, he is extremely bright. He has directly received a wealth of teachings on both Tantra and Sutra from many great Tibetan yogis and spiritual teachers from four major Tibetan Buddhist sects. Some of his teachers include His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Kyabje Dilgo Kysentse Rinpoche, Lati Rinpoche, Khensur Lobsang Tsering, Khe Tsun Sangpo Rinpoche, and Choegye Trichen Rinpoche. Rinpoche is a great scholar who achieved mastery in both the Gelug and Nyingma Buddhist traditions. He is fully absorbed with the teachings of the great mind training of the Kadampa tradition. Rinpoche is recognized as one of the great teachers of the 21st century, adorned with boundless compassion and possessing the eagerness to cultivate the seed of loving kindness in the mind stream of all sentient beings. Khangser Rinpoche is an invincible debater, endowed with convincing speech which is in accordance with the modern world view. Thus, he attracts countless listeners and brings the light of hope to many suffering hearts.

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