October 8, 2023 6:00pm

Path of Desire Book Launch with Khentrul Rinpoche – Working with Emotions and Sexuality on the Tantric Path

Shar Khentrul Rinpoche Jamphel Lodrö


Sunday, October 8

6-8pm ET

Free | Hybrid

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We will celebrate the release of Khentrul Rinpoche’s new book the Path of Desire, with a teaching on how to use all aspects of life including sexuality on the path. This book launch discussion will focus on how to use all of our emotions, not just sex to practice. Khentrul Rinpoche will give a blessing of the 6 Buddha Families to everyone present to help students so they don’t have to abandon the 6 kleshas. Instead the blessing will help them achieve success on taking the Kleshas on the Tantra path. This event is available with registration only. Rinpoche will explain in person why he chose to write and release a book of this nature at this time. Some people may find it scandalous while others may find it a welcome addition to tantric teachings.

“Most followers of the Tibetan tantric Buddhist teachings are merely wearing an outer costume of tantra.”
“Serious consideration of the situation of tantra is urgent before its essence is lost altogether. The time has come for going beyond mere scholarly explanations and superficial chanting of liturgies to actually restoring the practice tradition that has been corrupted and rejected in recent centuries. To do that, the full scope of tantra’s real meaning must be re-introduced.”
-Shar Khentrul Rinpoché

Being imprisoned in a dark pit is not comparable
To young lovers kept apart by their righteous parents;
Being locked in stocks is not comparable,
To strict religious laws that make sweet love a crime.
However perfect the power of a renunciate attitude,
As water still flows in a river that is blocked by a dam,
When an unwanted religious tax is levied on sex,
It is like constantly pushing a boulder up a hill.
(Gendun Chöpel, “Treatise on Desire”)

Though in sex the blissful union of the masculine and feminine principles is obvious, it actually pervades all existence; it represents the profound truth of non-dual reality and points us in its direction. For those who aspire to be genuine tantrikas, this book and teaching presents a way of liberation through joyfully embracing ordinary life. For those of us who seek only to experience ordinary life at its best, that goal can also be attained.

Book – The Path of Desire
The book “The Path of Desire” will be launched in time for this event. Pre-order for the Paperback and Epub version is now available, you may purchase it here.
Books will be available at Tibet House.


Emerging into the modern world at the turn of the century, Khentrul Rinpoché is living proof that the Buddha’s teachings are alive and well in the snowy land of Tibet. Born during a time of great turmoil, Rinpoché was raised as a simple nomad, tending to his herd of yaks. Despite the many miraculous signs received by his parents, acting under advisement, the truth of just how special Rinpoché was remained hidden from the public for many years. It wasn’t until Rinpoché grew into a young adult that he made the decision to renounce all worldly activities in order to focus his energy on the Dharma. Open-minded and inquisitive, Khentrul Rinpoché has spent over thirty years studying with a wide array of masters from all the major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Through his non-sectarian approach he has gathered a wealth of wisdom and experience spanning the full range of the Buddha’s teachings. While having developed a deep respect for all authentic spiritual traditions, for his personal path, he chose to specialise in the Kalachakra System. Recognising that outside of Tibet, very little is known about Kalachakra, Rinpoché has made it his life-long goal to cultivate awareness of these profound teachings and to offer guidance to all those wishing to put them into practice. To this end, Rinpoché has authored a variety of books which detail the complete Kalachakra Path. Providing in-depth commentaries, these books guide the student in a gradual manner using a clear and practical structure. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Rinpoché dedicates his time to teaching students from around the globe. In the last five years he has completed three world tours, taking him to more than twenty countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. As a result of his extraordinary efforts, the number of Kalachakra practitioners are steadily increasing, with new practice communities being established in a growing number of cities.

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