October 26, 2023 6:00pm

My Friend Judi Knows About Life After Death: Columbia Professor David Kittay Interviews Judi Offenberg, Medium Extraordinaire

David Kittay | Judi Offenberg



Thursday, October 26

6:00-8:00pm ET

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For over a decade, David Kittay has taught courses like Reincarnation & Technology, Interpreting Buddhist Yoga, and Technology Religion Future at Columbia University. There, he and his students delve into Buddhist and other religious/spiritual takes along with science on what happens when we die and what the future holds.

Imagine David’s surprise when, a few years ago, Judi Offenberg, his down-to-earth, nothing woo-woo art teacher friend of 40 years, started blending with persons both recently and long deceased, raising her vibratory level and entering the spirit world, passing on the entrancement taking place through her.  Now Judi is recognized as a medium of extraordinary talent by her clients, other mediums, and even by her husband Alan, real estate appraiser, and even (until recently) less on the woo-woo scale than Judi at zero.

Here’s how Judi describes it. “My spirit guides en-trance me. I invite them into my sacred space that I create, expand my energy, and blend our energies. I ask them to en-trance me, and I move my consciousness, my awareness ‘out of the way,’ so their personalities, their voice, their wisdom, and their facial characteristics are present. I am their vessel, which allows them to have a voice and share their philosophy and wisdom. “There are different levels of altered states of awareness. So, for example, when I bring through evidence for people that their loved ones are sharing with me, I am awake; I am blended with them. They tell me, show me, make me smell and taste, make me feel their emotions, and I will just know what they want to say to their loved one so the spirit can get the connection and information to their loved one in the easiest way for them. I am awake, tuned into, and blended with their energy. When I work with my trance guides, I am in a much deeper altered state and not aware of what is being said through me. As my guide, Grandpapa Z often says, “You see?”

Judi and David will talk about life after death, then Judi will go into a trance, and we’ll see what happens.

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My Friend Judi Knows About Life After Death: Columbia Prof. and THUS Executive Committee Chair David Kittay Interviews Judi Offenberg, Medium Extraordinaire

Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 06:00 PM



Judi Offenberg is a fine artist whose professional career began over 42 years ago as a fabric designer for exclusive home furnishings companies in New York City. Her passion for art inspired her to become a high school art teacher where she taught painting, drawing, photography and ceramics for 24 years. Starting several years ago, Judi started her work as a medium, and is viewed as extraordinarily gifted, regularly blending with persons recently and long deceased. She can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/healyourheartjudioffenberg.
Dr. David Komodo Kittay teaches philosophy, religion, and technology at Columbia, where his courses are called “life-changing,” and translates exoteric and esoteric Buddhist texts. He also founded and teaches Philosophy at the Harlem Clemente Course for the Humanities. He is a Tibet House Board member and Chair of the THUS Executive Committee.

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