December 6, 2023 6:00pm

Mapping the Yogic Body: A Lecture and Contemplative Practicum with John R.B. Campbell, PhD

John R.B. Campbell, PhD



Wednesday December 6, 13 20

6-8pm ET

$25 | Hybrid


In the yogic model of the person, mind and body are an interdependent
complex best understood as multiple systems of energy transfer among
“bodies” of increasingly subtle types of corporeality. A hallmark of the
Indo-Tibetan spiritual traditions is the notion that by means of mental
and physical disciplines of meditation and yoga it is possible to navigate
and target one’s subtle, or “vajra,” bodies, thereby effecting powerful
transformations within the individual’s life-system, including evolution
toward greater wisdom, compassion, creativity, and radical wellbeing.
Mapping the unseen territory of the subtle energetic bodies has thus
been a key preoccupation of Indo-Tibetan yoga practice traditions for
thousands of years. Contemporary enthusiasts will immediately
recognize the benefits of yoga and meditation in the form of improved
psycho-physical health and social wellbeing, but are perhaps less
familiar with how such benefits might relate to an inner world of nadi,
prana, bindu, and chakras. This is a series focussing on the energetic
body in Indo-Tibetan contemplative traditions. Each class consists of a
lecture component addressing central models, terms, and concepts of
yoga-based anatomy, along with instruction on the use of breath and
sound as practical methods for accessing one’s energetic body. Join Dr.
Campbell for this intellectual introduction to the maps of the subtle body
and an experiential exploration of the energies described in those maps.


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Mapping the Yogic Body: A Lecture and Contemplative Practicum with John R.B. Campbell, PhD

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John R.B. Campbell, PhD


John Campbell, PhD, is an independent scholar, accomplished yogin, and translator of Sanskrit and Tibetan texts. His main areas of research are practice systems of yoga and tantra in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism. He is currently writing a book on the commentarial literature of Buddhist and Hindu tantric Buddhist practice systems in late first-millennium India. A former assistant professor of Buddhist studies at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, among other academic institutions, he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the theory and practice of yoga (both contemporary and premodern), Buddhist philosophy in India and Tibet, and surveys of culture and religion in South, East, and Himalayan Asia. He is currently the director of Sanskrit projects for the Asian Classics Input Project, developing the digitization of classical Sanskrit texts on Buddhist and Hindu spiritual sciences. He also advises the research of advanced graduate students in UVA’s renowned Buddhist Studies doctoral program.

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