September 23, 2023 1:00pm

Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism: Four states and the process of waking up with Michael Lobsang Tenpa

Michael Lobsang Tenpa



Saturday, September 9, 16, 23 and 30

1-3pm ET

$80 Basic Price, $120 Benefactor, $40 Reduced | Online

The word “Buddha” literally means “an awakened one”—but what did he wake up to and from? How can his archetypal quest for freedom be used as a source of inspiration for our own process of awakening?

This 4-meeting course with Michael Lobsang Tenpa will be centered around the exploration of 4 states of consciousness that we experience on a regular basis: waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep, and the so-called “fourth state” which includes fleeting experiences of our clear-light mind. We will look at the Buddha’s threefold system of training, cultivate basic levels of mental stability, and apply the process of introspection to see how greater degrees of lucidity can be gained. Furthermore, we will learn some basic forms of meditation related to the Buddha (as an archetypal teacher) himself.

Each 2-hour session will include a presentation of practical ideas, meditation, journaling, and some time for Q&A. The aim of the course is to develop a certain degree of confidence in our practice of the “three trainings”, so that we can strongly feel we are gradually progressing towards waking up.

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$80 Basic Price, $120 Benefactor, $40 Reduced

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Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism: Four states and the process of waking up with Michael Lobsang Tenpa

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Michael Lobsang Tenpa (he/they) is a Tibetan Buddhist translator, meditation instructor, Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) teacher and student of EcoDharma. Born in Siberia, he earned BA and MA degrees in South Asian studies, worked in social media and eventually received ordination in Nepal, spending nine years as a Tibetan Buddhist monastic before switching to the path of a lay teacher/practitioner. In addition to years of Buddhist studies and translator work, he also trained as a secular ethics and mindfulness instructor in the Netherlands, the UK and the US. To learn more, visit “My passion in this work is helping people find a deep yet accessible level of contemplative practice that comes out of the profound Buddhist methods & helps them establish a meaningful and deeply satisfying lifestyle imbued with a sense of compassionate responsibility.”

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