Here in the Floating World: A Workshop Using Qigong and Lojong for a Calmer Mind with Annie Bien

March 1, 2024 6:00pm

Here in the Floating World: A Workshop Using Qigong and Lojong for a Calmer Mind with Annie Bien

Annie Bien



Friday March 1 6-8pm

Saturday March 2 10-3pm

Hybrid | $35 Friday night only, Full workshop (including Friday)  $100 

This intention of this Friday evening and Saturday workshop is to calm the body and mind through a blend of different styles of meditative practice: the Chinese system of physical exercises,Qigong; and the Tibetan meditation practice of mind training, Lojong.Qigong is the restorative side of Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts that moves the life force, qi, through controlled breath and movement sequences that exercise our internal organs. Qigong practice is centuries old and based on physicalizing the deep concentration derived from Chan meditation. It is known for making our bodies healthier and enhancing longevity. Lojong is a Tibetan term meaning mind training. The practice is to cultivate an altruistic mind for all living beings. When the Indian master, Atisha, brought Buddhism to Tibet in the eleventh century, the Tibetans developed the practice of equalizing and exchanging self and others. By using verses from Shantideva’s Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, we will explore how we can become more tolerant and peaceful in our lives. 


Friday: Evening Introduction on Qigong and Lojong with demonstration of Baduanjin and

preliminary practice.

Saturday: Practice in basic Qigong principles and introduction to Baduanjin. and

Lojong (Shantideva or Atisha), investigating how breath is the basis of wholistic living

(from the Shaolin Temple in China, the birthplace of Chan Buddhism).


Please wear comfortable clothing  and fill out Health Waiver form

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Pricing Options

Friday Night Only IN PERSON $35, Friday Night Only ONLINE $35, Full Workshop IN PERSON $100, Full Workshop ONLINE $100


Annie Bien is an English¬†translator of Tibetan scriptures and a writer of fiction and poetry. She¬†began translating Buddhist texts for Khyongla Rato Rinpoche, of the Tibet Center,¬†then for¬†84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha,¬†and currently with¬†Khenpo Pema Wangdak of VikramaŇõila Foundation. She teaches meditation and Dharma at Shantideva Center (FPMT) in Brooklyn, NY.¬†She has written¬†two poetry collections, published flash fiction¬†in literary journals, won writing awards,¬†and co-written an upcoming historical novel on the Sixth Dalai Lama with Robert Thurman.¬†She is also a certified Qigong instructor with Shifu Yan Lei.¬†

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