November 12, 2022 1:00pm

Channeling Emotions for Global Compassion

Eve Ekman




Saturday, November 12, 2022
1–3pm ET
$20 General Admission; $30 Benefactor | Online via Zoom

We have almost unlimited reserves of emotional energy, manifesting in all sorts of ways as we interact with the world and experience emotional episodes that can be exhilarating or miserable, deeply pleasant or profoundly unpleasant. While many of these emotional systems serve an evolutionary purpose and have helped us survive, they can also limit our ability to adopt a more global perspective and see the things we need to support our communities and the planet at large.

In this 2-hour online workshop, emotions researcher Dr. Eve Ekman will explore the topic of concentric circles of compassion that we can gently attend to in order to balance our emotions and channel their energy into constructive transformative action.

Channeling Emotions for Global Compassion with Eve Ekman

Saturday, Nov 12, 2022 01:00 PM


Teacher Bios

Eve Ekman

Dr. Eve Ekman is a contemplative social scientist and teacher in the field of emotional awareness and burnout prevention. She is the co-lead instructor for CEB, an evidence-based emotional awareness training created by Dr. Paul Ekman and Buddhist scholar Alan Wallace. The CEB training invites participants to investigate their driving motivations, as well as the roots of their destructive emotional episodes through tools of meditative practice and in-depth analysis of emotional events.

Dr. Ekman’s writing on empathy, burnout, and compassion has appeared in peer-reviewed journals as well as in chapters of The Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology and The Oxford Handbook of Compassion Science. Her workbook on Cultivating Emotional Balance, co-authored with Ryan Redman, is coming out from Wisdom Publications in 2023.